Resolve 'Context not set for context-dependent operation' while executing plan in Sagent

Product Feature: Design Studio



The user gets  an issue that 'Context not set for context-dependent operation' Error while executing plan in Design Studio. The error may be seen after restarting DFS service. 


The user plan has Add column transform between the report sink. When we set number of records to 100, plan gets completed with 0 output records. When we set number of records to 101, plan gets error out. Report pagination transformation is used to determine proper paging of Report transformation.

When we select number of records as 101, results need 3 page to display result but with 100 records it require 2 pages.Might be case that since we have added a transform between Report Pagination & Analysis transform, proper pagination is not getting created and resulting in error.


UPDATED: December 1, 2017
The user should add Transforms from the Tool Bin to Plans containing Reports. Drag Transforms to the Data Flow Editor and connect the inputs and outputs. Add Transforms before the Group Summary and Pagination steps. Transforms should not be placed between the Group Summary or Pagination steps and the Report sink.

Refer Sagent Report Guide for more details.