Resolve issue where the message box template is reduced/shrunk when imported into Designer from EngageOne Content Author

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


The box template is reduced/shrunk in the layout.

Customer was creating 2 inch by 3 inch message box.

User-added image

However when it was imported into designer and use with HIM and HIP file, PDF showed message box as below :

User-added image

As we can see message box size reduced to fit the content,

The User does not want it to shrink.


Content Author is behaving as designed.


UPDATED: November 6, 2017

The Message Area always shrinks to fit the entered message. This enables multiple messages to be placed in a Message Box. The border placed in Content Author will shrink to fit each message placed.
By default the Message Box will shrink to the space used by all the Messages placed in it.

To obtain the desired effect:
Stop the Message Box from shrinking  : Follow the steps in the attached document.

Please note you can not set Border/Shading in Content Author if you want the message box not to shrink.

SO it is better to enable borders in Designer by selecting Message box properties.