Exponare - Printing fails in Enquiry with error message 1602


Printing in Exponare is not working. When a user chooses a print template in Enquiry and clicks the print button, the error "Exponare Enquiry could not use the Print Template for your print out. The Print Template is damaged.
Contact your Exponare administrator regarding this issue.
is produced:

User-added image



Exponare print templates (.dot files) contain macro code. The above error is seen when either this macro code is missing from the template or gets corrupted. The macro code is essential for templates to work with Exponare.


UPDATED: October 14, 2020
Adding the macro procedures back to the .dot template file will fix the issue. The procedures can be viewed in the Sample data provided with Exponare 'CapabilityDemo.dot'.
  1. Open Exponare Sample data 'CapabilityDemo.dot' print template file in Microsoft Word (by doing file-> Open not via double-clicking the file) The file CapabilityDemo.dot can be found under the Exponare installation, typically at C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\Exponare\Server\Printing.
  2. Once the CapabilityDemo.dot has been opened in MS Word, go to  View->Macro.
  3. Choose 'Edit' in the pop-up Macro window. 
  4. Microsoft VBA opens with the macro procedures.
  5. Copy all the procedures (code)
User-added image
       6. Now open the damaged print template in MS Word. Paste the macros copied above. Save and close MS word.
       7. Launch Enquiry and test printing from the template.