Spectrum Spatial Analyst services won't start following install

Product Feature: Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Operating System: Windows


Spectrum Spatial Analyst services will not start after installing the application.

The Spectrum Technology Platform instance is running on the specified server name and port number, however the Spectrum Spatial Analyst service will not start.

The Analyst service terminated with the following service-specific error: Incorrect function.


Spectrum Spatial Analyst is a 64 bit application and requires Java 64 bit.

If the Analyst services point to a 32 bit version of Java, they will not be able to start.


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
Ensure that all three Spectrum Spatial Analyst services are referencing 64 bit versions of Java in Properties window.

Below are the steps for making the changes to the AnalystAdmin service.

In Command Prompt, navigate to:

Run command to get Properties dialog screen:
Tomcat7w //ES//AnalystAdmin

Click Java Tab, point Java Virtual Machine to 64 bit jvm.dll

Apply changes and press OK

The process for changing the JVM properties for AnalystConnect and AnalystLocate services will be the same as specified above in the AnalystAdmin section.  However, AnalystConnect and AnalystLocate reference a service specific directory path and command, which are listed below:



Tomcat7w //ES//AnalystConnect

Tomcat7w //ES//AnalystLocate

Once AnalystAdmin, AnalystConnect and AnalystLocate reference the correct 64 bit vintage of Java's jvm.dll, restart the services using the Windows Services window.
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