Error "Err;00005 DPV Processing Error Problem opening dpvh.db" running a Finalist job

Products Affected:  Finalist



The following error is issued in the PBFN.log file when executing Finalist:

06/06/xx 15:37.14;ERR;calldpv:0448;8193;5;DPV Err;00005 DPV Processing Error Problem opening dpvh.db file 06/06/xx 15:37.14;ERR;housekpg:0839;8193;20016;Error;Initialization failed. 06/06/xx 15:39.45;ERR;calldpv:0222;8191;6;DPV Err;00006 DPV Processing Error Problem with hsa file 06/06/xx 16:00.41;ERR;apiutil:0992;8191;20044;RangeDB Read Err;Could not read Range db record: Range Control Record 06/06/xx 


This error indicates a problem with the DPV Full file.


UPDATED: July 15, 2019
In order to resolve this error, ensure the security file ($) is located in the bin directory or the same directory as the Finalist job.  Also, make certain the correct DPV database is installed and defined to the job (DPV Filepath= and Delivery Point Validation fields in the configuration file).  This error can occur if the DPV Full file is installed, but the job is pointing to the DPV Split file.