Resolve GeocodeAddressAllCountries does not return a match when the StateProvince field is completed

product affected: Spectrum On-Demand™


When using GeocodeAddressAllCountries using the below data no match is found:
AddressLine1: Bealnagloos , Ballygar 
StateProvince: Co Galway 
Country: Republic of Ireland 

However when removing the StateProvince field from the input address a match is found, IE:
AddressLine1: Bealnagloos , Ballygar 
Country: Republic of Ireland


This is caused because a multi-line address (an address split across multiple fileds such as AddressLine1, City, State, Postcode, Country, etc) is not supported, which is the combination of both the street and state.

In this scenario when state is removed it is being considered as a single line address (an address placed solely on the AddressLine1 input field) and is being match to the city name "Ballygar".


UPDATED: September 7, 2017
If you only have the street, state input data place this in AddressLine1 so it become a single line address

If more information is listed such as house number, street, city, state, postcode, etc) place these in their relevant fields so they are geocoded as a multi-line address