Resolve saving a snap over a Web Service Client or sarun in Sagent

Product Feature: WebService


Saving a snap over the web service-interface with RunPlan of the Excel SInk plan. The file gets created but has no data.


When using Save to File option in Excel Sink properties in design studio a user can save plan results to an external excel file. The results can be saved and updated as per user action.

But when same thing is tried from a web service client or from SARUN it does not work.


UPDATED: December 4, 2017
The behavior observed with sarun works as designed. Unlike Design Studio, when we run the plan from Sarun (or scheduler)/ Web Service all the display sinks are cleared and hence sink operations are not performed (as Object is not instantiated).

The Excel stuff in particular requires the Design Studio or Information Studio client to set up and save. That’s the nature of the Excel interface that it isn’t really designed for server side processing. As Sarun is a command line utility it doesn’t perform operations related to display sink, but for updating of excel data, display sink component is needed hence this is not supported with sarun. Also display sinks are not available when using a Web Service client, so performing such an operation is not possible.