Resolve issue with EToN 6 and the Annual Program Batch should only find Full Registration Notices without Interim Sites in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm® V12.20e
Fixed: V12.25a.AM (please upgrade to at least V14.00)
Product feature: Street Works


In Confirm® Street Works the Annual Program Batch utility is picking up Full Registration Notices which contain Interim Sites, when it should only find ones which do not contain Interim Sites. Therefore Full Registration Notices containing Permanent, Subsumed, Remedial, Bar Holes etc. would be included.

The impact of this issue is that the utility is picking up Works too early, and therefore may cause a mismatch between results.


Confirm Engineering officially acknowledged Software Defect CNB-45406 for this issue.


UPDATED: October 6, 2017
Upgrade to at least version 14.00 of Confirm. Then the Annual Program Batch will no longer pick up Full Registration Notices that contain Interim sites. This resulted in Works being included too early in the annual sample calculations.