Resolve difference in Join behavior in development and production environment of Sagent

Product Feature: Design Studio



The user finds an error as the Join Transform works differently in the development and production system in the Design Studio.
For example, in a plan; data is read from two tables and linked together via a field. If the presorting option is not enabled on the Property-> Advanced tab, the data is sorted by Sagent itself to correctly link the data.
This way of working only works in production (plan PBS_without_Sort) => Number of data in the result is the same as before the join.

In the development system, the same plan returns only part of the data in the result. The data must be sorted explicitly beforehand (plan PBS_mit_Sort). This means that we lose data.
The user wants to check the collation setting (clients and servers) of the Data Flow server and the database (ORA client and server) of both systems. Possibly plays here the NLS and character set of the DB a role.


The 'NLS_LANG' registry settings were overwritten by settings of environment variables in the system. On the production this variable 'NLS_LANG' was set to 'American' while it was in development at 'German'. 
And thus was sorted differently, and the join is no longer found the break. It could be on the order without any joins, and because the numbers were times at the beginning, while they were on the other server at the end of the display.


UPDATED: November 27, 2017
Check and correct 'NLS_LANG' variable settings.