Resolve error "Contractor Access XML Agent module on for database [database name]: FALSE" in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product features: Contractor Access, Application Infrastructure


You witness, in Confirm®, the Contractor Access XML Agent throwing the following error message:

“Contractor Access XML Agent: Contractor Access XML Agent module on for database [database name]: FALSE”


Occurs in the Confirm System Agent, upon startup, when the previous Confirm licence held did not contain the Contractor Access Agent (option selectable in the System Registration Details screen) and Confirm is updated with a new licence that still needs to use the Contractor Access Agent.


UPDATED: November 16, 2017
To remedy the problem a working licence must be entered in the License Override field by following these steps:

1.   Open Confirm System Agent then go to Edit > Options.
2.   Select the affected database under Confirm System Agent Options.
3.   Click Edit to open the Database Connection Settings window.
4.   Enter the new licence in the text box corresponding to License Override > Click OK.
5.   Stop and then start the Confirm System Agent.

Please note that this process must currently be repeated every time a new Confirm licence is issued.