Resolving Label names displaying incorrectly

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


The full value of a specific column of data is not showing when turning on labels in MapInfo Pro.
For example, the name of a particular object that should be labeling as "North Branch" appears "Branch". (Screenshot attached.)


This problem Appears when the data in TAB file's browser is incorrect. In the .TAB file the value in the browser's cell is written as "Branch" instead of "North Branch".


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
This is issue can be resolved by opening the browser and editing the values in the cell of the browser.

1. Right click on the Layer name in the Explorer window or Layer Control window and select "Browse Table". 

2. Find cell with the incorrect value and change it to the desired value.

3. Commit the changes using Home>save table.

-  If the table cannot be edited directly in the browser or is read-only, use Home>save copy as and save the table with a new name.  Use Home>close table and then Home>open table to open the new file which should now be editable.