Resolve Confirm being unable to send out Street Works Inspections

Products affected: Confirm® (EToN 5)
Product feature: Street Works


You are having trouble sending a Street Work Inspection to a utility. 

The ‘Send Inspection’ checkbox is greyed out (see attached document) and can’t be selected, however both the Dft Ref 1and Dft Ref 2 fields are populated for the Inspection Category, so should allow you to check the box. 

The Category is an internal code, designed to allow the Inspector to send in an Inspection that may potentially incur an FPN, however it is sent later once that it has deemed (with an FPN actually generated). The category itself is set up in the same manner as the ‘Non Categorised Inspection’ category.


An organisation receiving this file is still on (Electronic Transfer of Notices) EToN 5.


UPDATED: November 16, 2017
The Notice is clearly an EToN 5 Notice. The Excavation Type is 'Works for road purpose' that is visible only in Eton 4 and 5 notices.

If you select 'Works for road purpose' for Excavation Type, the Street Category field becomes greyed out. This scenario is only possible if one of the organisations is on EToN 5.

The Send Inspection checkbox is also greyed out, but only when the receiver is on EToN 5.

Check the organisations that are receiving this file, an organisation receiving this file is still on EToN 5.