Resolve MapInfo Professional 12.5 errors with missing "gmlxlat.dll" at startup

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


MapInfo Professional 12.5 errors with missing "gmlxlat.dll" at startup.
When an IT rep. logs on as the Local Machien Admin, no error is generated.


MI Pro 12.5 errors with missing "gmlxlat.dll" -  This may be Administrator permissions or a third-party add-on.



UPDATED: December 5, 2019
Check to see if the user is running any 3rd-party add-on like "MapperG" or "Map in a Box" -
If so, have the user disable any 3rd-party add-ons and test.
If error is not generated, the user will need to contact the 3rd-party vendor to troubleshoot

If error is still generated with no 3rd-party app,  try:
1) uninstall MI Pro 12.5 and when prompted to transfer the license, choose: NO
2) have an IT Admin log on to the machine as an Administrator and then re-install.  Make sure to run the setup by right-clicking on the setup file and choosing "run as administrator"
3) after re-installation, test MapInfo Pro. (Pro should launch still activated)