Resolve less number of records returned by XML Source in Design Studio

Product Feature: Design Studio



Less number of records returned by XML Source. The user retrieves 2 records only from the XML, though there more elements. The definition in the XSD is minOccurs=0 and maxOccurs=unbounded. This problem is not specific to this XML or the Attribute>-tag. So, how does "XML Source" handle the number of child nodes?
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  • Element "Attribute" checked and "flatten" checked = Maximum Occurrence can be changed.
           Explanation: Yes. We can change maximum occurrence when both ‘Element’ & ‘Flatten’ are selected. 
  • Element "Attribute" not checked and "flatten" checked = Maximum Occurrence can be changed, but it will not take after clicking OK. 
           Explanation: It should not take effect because the element itself is unselected. 
  • Element "Attribute" not checked and "flatten" not checked = Maximum Occurrence cannot changed but it is anyway effective. this example it gives max. 10 rows although in the XSD is something else and although "Maximum Occurrences" is inactive. 
That means that the element and flatten must always activated to change the Maximum Occurrences, and the value must also considered when it is disabled. 


UPDATED: November 27, 2017
This is expected behavior.