Resolving MapInfo error: Unable to successfully reach the server to transfer the license

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


MapInfo generates an error when trying to automatically transfer a license:
"Unable to successfully reach the server to transfer the license"

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This type of error is generally due to Firewall settings in the User's environment or other Network policies.


UPDATED: December 10, 2019
There are three ways to get this issue resolved:

1. The Automatic Method uses a web service which could be having difficulty connecting.  So retry before looking in to firewall issues.

2. Have an IT Admin. turn off the firewall and try activating MapInfo again.

3. Use the email activation process which will generate a request.xml that can be emailed to PB.  The file is processed and a response.xml will be returned to complete the process activation.
 Click Here for Email Activation Process.