"The following agents need to send email and can't: " error in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm® AM
Product feature: Task Processor


Email from one or more Confirm scheduled agents are not received and following error message is logged in in the ErrorProvider.log file:

Error while executing Agent:SCHEDULED REPORTING AGENT:The following agents need to send email and can't: Scheduled Reporting Agent. The following agents need to receive email and can't: (none).

You also see the following error message in the Scheduled Tasks screen:

Image showing error message as it appears in Confirm Scheduled Tasks


The Confirm Task Processor is not configured to  send emails.


UPDATED: May 29, 2019
Configure the Confirm Task Processor to send emails. This needs to be configured irrespective of whether this functionality is used (for example while setting up the Task Processor on a test environment, without the actual need to send emails).

Please refer to the installation guide for the Confirm Task Processor for complete instructions on how to configure the email settings. The following is just a summary of the settings that need to be configured.

The following registry entries must be updated with relevant information:

Image sho

The Task Processor Settings screen in Confirm should also be configured. An email address needs to be configured for the Task Processor which will act as the 'from' address whenever the Task Processor sends an email alert:

User-added image

Please Note:  The Task Processor only supports SMTP for sending mail.

If configuring this in a test environment for only emulation purposes, for example, if a Scheduled Report is able to produce a report to a file, you can change the registry setting MailRequired to Yes without configuring any further email settings. The Task Processor will be able to output the results to a file and the error message reported in this article will be circumvented.