Resolve [MXT-6641] File not loading in Exponare 5.6

Product Affected: Exponare™


Error produced due to a Limitation with raster handler for (GRC) nwgrd30.ghl which is available only for 32 bit and not for 64 bit.


Migrating from Exponare 5.1 to 5.6 and Exponare 5.6 (MapXtreme 7.2) doesn't recognise the MapInfo Vertical Mapper GRC image file type. When opening GRC file in Workspace Manager, the following error appears: []

The previous version of Exponare 5.1 (MapXtreme 7.1) had no issues reading GRC file type.

What would be a workaround for opening the GRC file into Mapxtrme7.2


UPDATED: September 11, 2017
1.Open both GRC filec in MapInfo professional.
2.Now save both files to create .tab file for supporting Mapxtreme 64 bit machine.
Then save both files as a BMP format by going
File menu >> save windows as >> like below image
Now, there are two options with popup window for adjusting image quality.
1. Use anti aliasing: - As per customer requirement
2. Create tab file: - by default it’s unchecked, by checking it you can create reference tab file for GRC raster file
One more advance export option: - For remove export border images and internally handle transparent file and symbols, Color properties for good visibility of raster images.
3.Now open the .tab file in the workspace manger and create new MWS. which generated  by Mapinfo Pro
 Place the workspace in the directory on the Exponare Machine:
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Exponare\Server\SampleData

Now open MWS file in Exponare 64 build.