Resolve issue where User cannot publish the HIP for AFP in DOC1 Designer as it takes over an hour

Product Feature: Designer


Customer HIP generation was taking very long time.



Live meeting conducted showed there was delay in opening the publication, templates, active content and output device as well.

So we doubted the repo was very huge.

We imported the snapshot and issue was not replicable on our enviroment, we could generate HIP in a minute.


UPDATED: November 3, 2017
Create a new repository using doc1 repo config tool and import the same snapshot provided to us. Generate the HIP and note the time.

In case the time taken is a few minutes then we know that the repository you are using needs cleanup and that is the reason you are facing such delay.

We will then send the steps to clean up repository which will erase unused items. 

Suggestion Provided by PB 

1.Use Doc1 Integrity check up tool to clean up unused item.
2.From Repository Configuration Take backup of of repository.
3.Run Full purge command at down time.

You can use the Integrity Check Tool to purge all unused items from a repository but there is no guarantee that this will have a huge impact on the time to publish. 

When running full purge, it needs to be run several times until the tool reports that there are no files left to remove, and when running the tool, no work can be undertaken in Designer by any user. 

If the repository is very large, you should be aware that the full purge can take a very long time to run, sometimes days. 

Also, please not that the Integrity Check Tool does not work with V6.