Resolve issue where empty fields (system data) in the pushed data are being populated with default value's in EngageOne

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit

Configuration: JBoss


At this site User isusing the 'html' push to push data to EngageOne. Basically they are pushing the data over http, by using EngageOne Interactive URL.

Using this push method we noticed that empty fields delivered by 'the push', were being populated with the default value defined in Designer. In Designer the Interactive Data Model (IDM) is created and here we use default value's. These default value's are now being used after pushing data over EngageOne Interactive URL for all empty fields in the pushed xml file.

A simple example: 
When a field is empty  in data push xml , The field is pushed as system default data.

The properties for this field are being set as 'system data' and 'read only'. 

It should not be the case that empty fields in the system data are being populated with default value's coming from the IDM. 


Customer is correct. This is a defect filed.


UPDATED: November 3, 2017
Issue fixed in :