Adding a control parameter called 'Priority' in a plugin unexpectedly creates a drop list in the message template in Portrait Dialogue


When the following control parameter (highlighted in yellow below) is added to any channel plug-in, the Visual Dialogue adds a drop list for that 'Priority' parameter in any corresponding message template.

[part of the script]
function GetControlParamDefs( ControlParamDefs )
  //Params to be merge per message
  ControlParamDefs.AddParamWithDisplayedNameEx("Cellular", "[#MH14103]Cellular", "", true, true, true);
  ControlParamDefs.AddParamWithDisplayedName("FromNumber", "[#MH14104]From number", "MH", true, true);
  ControlParamDefs.AddParamWithDisplayedName("Priority", "Message priority", "", true, true);
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From version 5.2 onwards, the name 'Priority' is a reserved control parameter name.


UPDATED: March 23, 2017
The only fix for this is to change the name Priority to something else, for example Priority_level.

If the previously highlighted text was changed to this:
ControlParamDefs.AddParamWithDisplayedName("Priority_level", "Message priority", "", true, true);

Then the outcome will then be as expected and the template field for 'Message priority' will take a text value.

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