Resolve "ERROR 74223:unable to delete file [distrib\lib\Fontmap.ATM], code 32" in EngageOne Vault

The version build number for E2 vault is 5.5m0(GA) OR ‘5.5 246’ 
E2Vault is installed on Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 


Loader Log shows below Error :

23:41:39 <mirror1> ERROR 74223: unable to delete file [distrib\lib\Fontmap.ATM], code [32]

Customer did not face any issue because of this error. But they wanted to know relevance and impact of error message,


This error occurs when the mirroring loader is attempting to update a file in server\distrib. The file has been downloaded to a temporary (download.tmp) and the loader is trying to remove the existing version of the file before renaming the newly downloaded file into place. In this case, another process has the file open (that's what Windows error code 32 means) and the deletion fails then the error is logged. 

This can occur in for a number of common reasons: 
(1) One of the servers is fetching the same file on behalf of an upstream client such as the Service Client which is being updated 
(2) A virus scanner or backup program has the file open as part of its operation 
(3) An administrator is running the client out of the server\distrib directory (avoid doing this!) 


UPDATED: November 3, 2017

If a subsequent "mirroring distrib" phase runs without error, the problem has resolved itself.

Otherwise you'd need to use tools like a Sysinternals handle.exe ( to determine what the process that has the file open is. 

This type of error can, in theory, cause issues if it persists because it can leave the mirroring server with an inconsistent set of files in server\distrib which could lead to clients with an inconsistent set of files which might interfere with rendering, etc.