Resolve "ERROR 10127: unknown page data format [] " in EngageOne Vault

Product Feature: General


When ingesting an AFP file, this message is received:

ERROR 10127: unknown page data format [] 
ERROR 10128: compression failed for file [/prodlib/EST/generate/data/csr/RNE5HPSTA_10102013.afp] 
20131011-151857 : Error - create drp file - Status = 1 


When Vault e2loaderd was compressing a document, e2loaderd receives the document format from profiles.ini, if the format is not supported, this error will happen. 


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
Check the format settings in the PROFILE section defined in profiles.ini, and choose a format Vault can support.

Right now, Vault can support formats such as AFP, METACODE, PDF and so on.

For detail please refer the section of "Profiles initialization file" from "Vault Customizing Guide".