Resolve issue installing DOC1 Designer in Client/Server mode with low bandwidth

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Operating System: Windows 2008

Database: SQL Server 2012

DOC1 : 6.0.1935


Problem installing Doc1 Designer 6.0Maint CD1-6.0.1935-EN on Windows 2008 Server


When installing User has low bandwidth causing the client to take too much time to connect with server.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
1) Run DOC1 setup on server machine and install server (It will install DB and filestore at server machine).
2) Copy client diskset folder locally from server to client machine.
2) Run setup.htm file and install client. 
3) After successfull installation of designer, open file "processor.dll.config" from client diskset folder and change "localhost" with server IP address. 
4) Save and copy file. Paste "processor.dll.config" on the path "C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\DOC1\Designer\Client" . Replace the file with current one (Client folder path might be different in your case).