Resolve error "A file I/O error occurred. Possible causes of this error may include insufficient disk space, user permissions problem, or time-out." in EngageOne

Product Feature: Administration

Operating System: Windows 2008

EO Version: 3.1.1

Configuration: JBoss


Customer is receiving belowv confirmation box, when they try to export template from EO.

User-added image

After clicking yes button, template gets exported successfully. Customer is receiving confirmation box every time, whenever they are exporting template.


After our analysis we conclude that the template is of very big size and causing time out while repackaging it.


UPDATED: November 3, 2017
If the confirmation dialog occurs and there is no exception on EngageOne server side, it should be time out for preparing the file you request.

There are two buttons, YES/NO, in the confirmation dialog. Clicking YES to continue waiting for the file to download. Clicking No to give it up. If the confirmation dialog occurs and there is exception on EngageOne server side, we should check the exception for details.

We have one more point to share here. 
The size of the template, which customer has provided is of size 50.5mb but once we export it from EO it becomes of size 100mb.". The reason is that the original template just contains one device, "PDF for EngageOne", and it becomes need to export 5 devices, "AFP 300", "EngageOne PDF", "engageonepdf", "PDF for EngageOne", "PostScript for EngageOne" as well because there are new devices importing to the same domain. 

EngageOne engineering confirmed that it is desired behavior and EO is working as designed here. Basically this issue occurs when template is larger in size.