Resolve Anysite 9.x throws Error 1247 (table may be read only) when trying to save changes using Modify Location Layer

Product affected: Anysite™


User running Anysite 9.x and has imported a text file and added to a map config.
Then selects the Map>Modify Location layer feature and makes table editable in the modify location layer dialog.
Then the user marquee selects a point from her txt based table and edits the coordinates to move the point.
When the user tries to save the edit, an error 1247 is thrown:
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Text -based tables are read-only and therefore edits like this cannot be made.


UPDATED: September 13, 2017
There are 2 work arounds:

1) open the txt table in Pro and make a copy via file>save copy as and then import and edit this copy in Anysite.

2) If user does not have Pro, they can open the txt file in the batch loader in Anysite.
Once the table is loaded, hit the "save" button and change the drop-dwon from Site to tab format.
This will create a new native copy of the table.
Then the user would import this new table and then be able to edit as expected in Anysite
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