Confirm How to troubleshoot some problems that might arise when testing the Confirm Task Scheduler

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This article will look at the following problems and errors that might occur as you set up the Scheduled Reporting Agent and the Alert and Notifications Agent to be used for the first time.
The following problems have been identified when setting up the Scheduled Reporting Agent:

  1. The agent will not send reports as emails and will provide the following error in the ErrorProvider.log file: “Scheduled Reporting Agent : Error:Could not send email to <EMAIL ADDRESS> : Error: Null object reference at line 84 in function xf_trysend of object ca_mailsession”.
  2. The agent will run but fail and show error messages similar to the following: “Unable to copy file '<PATH>\<FILENAME>' to '<PATH>\<FILENAME>'”.
  3. You might also run in to problems where the Scheduled Reporting Agent runs without incident, logs no errors but still produces no email or report file to the specified destination.
The following problem has been encountered when setting up the Alert and Notifications Agent:

  1. You set up an Alert, for example an Enquiry Alert Type where you would like to send an alert to a specific user (Notify is set to User) when an enquiry is created. You create a relevant enquiry – but no alert is sent.


As above.


UPDATED: November 17, 2017
Scheduled Reporting Agent:
  1. Even though this problem looks to be definitely related to the email functionality it is most likely accompanied (in the same ErrorProvider.log file) by errors that state “Unable to copy file” and the solution will be to make sure that the Task Scheduler Service User has full rights on all folders with which it will need to interact. The error message itself can most likely be interpreted as saying that the file which is to be sent can’t be found (leading to the null pointer), since the Task Scheduler has not been able to write to the temporary destination where it needs to place the file before sending it in an email.
  2. As in the example above this will be remedied by ensuring that the user used to run the Task Processor Service has full administrator rights on all folders with which it must interact.
  3. If you experience this problem you need to make sure that the report you are running will actually produce results. If a report produces no results it will not create an empty report file and it will not send an email containing an empty file.

Alert and Notifications Agent:
  1. In this scenario you have most likely overlooked that the Message Preference for the user is set to None (in the User Security settings for the user) or that no email address is specified for the user. Furthermore, if some notifications work whereas others do not the first thing to check is the setting for Notify in the Enquiry Alert type along with any error messages or new entries in the ErrorProvider.log.