'Cannot Open Backup Device 'c:\*.dbk' Operating system error 5(Access is Denied)' message on SQL Server with EngageOne® Designer

Product Affected: EngageOne Designer
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
Database: Microsoft SQL


Following error is being observed while taking a manual backup of .dbk file from SQL Server.

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This may be caused due to inadequate permissions to folder where .dbk is supposed to be produced, as a part of backup.


UPDATED: September 5, 2019
The user account running SQL Server service, should have full privileges to the folder where DB backup file (.dbk) get created. User account running the
SQL Server service is user account under 'Log On As' corresponding to service name "SQL Server <instance>" in Service console (services.msc).

If it is not possible to give user account, running SQL Server service full access to this directory, giving 'Everyone' complete access to the directory
will also work. These access can be revoked after back up is complete.