Error "GEN0254A AFP limit of 128 fonts has been exceeded" in DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: DOC1GEN
Versions affected:  all prior to 6.6.7


User receives error "GEN0254A AFP limit of 128 fonts has been exceeded" in DOC1 Generate.


DOC1GEN 5.x/6.x - Aborts when more than 128 individual font point sizes are used in the Design Publication / Production Job. 


UPDATED: May 22, 2018
All Generate Versions from 5.1M5 onwards incorrectly aborted when more than 128 font point sizes were used throughout the Publication. 

As the number of fonts (point sizes) specified for a Job is not relevant , with ONLY the number of fonts used on a single page of interest for Creating AFPDS Pages , the individual Generate font point size limit has been updated to 254 fonts per individual AFPDS page as per the AFPDS MODCA MCF specification. 

This is resolved in the DOC1GEN module in version 6.6.7 scheduled for release on 29 May 2018, if the user is not prepared to update to this version of Generate, then the number of fonts used in the job needs to be reduced to the limit specified in the original error (128).