CONFIRM: Resolve Section 58 Restriction not visible in the Notice Recipient

Product Feature: Confirm® Street Works



Section 58 Restriction "Diversionary Works" and other Section 58 restrictions are not visible is the Designation section in the Notice Recipient


Our street works team have asked me to raise the following issue with you. Harrow Road has “Diversionary works” and “Section 58” restrictions and several other designations.

When a application for a permit to work is received, the permit officer can see the designations on the default work screen.

They can also see section 58 restrictions on the “Co-ordination” tab.

But the diversionary works restriction is not visible anywhere we can see.

This could cause a lots of problems if it is missed. E.g. if the utilities or our contractors fail to agree the works with Crossrail before they do works anywhere affected by the new Crossrail line. Is there a way we can use to show these restrictions? 

Steps to Reproduce:
--> Add Diversionary Works Restriction to a site in Authority system.Supply To date, From Date is disabled as that should not be supplied as per EToN spec. 
--> Transfer that Restriction to Utility system. 
--> Create initial notice Utility DB and select a date which overlaps restriction dates. 
--> Transfer initial notice back to Authority system. 
--> Diversionary works will not be added in designation list for this notice, instead Section58 will be added which is default restriction


UPDATED: November 17, 2017
There is no direct solution for this and it is identified as a bug but there is a workaround to achieve this:
--> On Site designation screen, change selected restriction(e.g. Diversionary works) to a restriction type which has From date field enabled (e.g. S58 Proposed Restriction). 
--> Populate From Date and then change the restriction type back to it's original type. 
--> Now Save, so it will show selected restriction(e.g. Diversionary works) with From & To date populated.