How to activate the Action button if it is grayed out in Confirm


When you open any form that has the action button shown, for example on the Street Works screen,  the Action button is grayed out.


This can be for a few configuration reasons.


UPDATED: August 23, 2017
Action button is grayed out when any of the following configuration is not there
  • Organisation is not on Eton 6
  • Notice type is not configured for Eton 6. 
Check the Organisation in the Notice and go to the respective Organisation. Check the EToN version of the Organisation in the Additional tab. Select the EToN 6 under the version.Save the configuration and logout.Re login to ensure the Action button is now active.

After checking the Organisation, check the Notice types and see if the check box of EToN 4+ is checked or not. If not, then select the check box and save it. Repeat this for all the Notice types.

This should resolve the issue.

In case the problem still exists contact Technical Support.