Resolve Discover 2013 Data Entry Setup Table Exclusive and Map Style checkboxes not selectable

Product affected: MapInfo Discover™


Using Discover 2013.03, when going to Data Entry > SetUp Table, the boxes for checking the option to make "exclusive" and use for "map style", do not show up. Instead they just have a blank blue cell without a box to check or uncheck.

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The issue with the Exclusive and Map Style checkboxes not being selectable seem to relate to the Display setting on some machines resulting from the DPI settings of the computer set to Larger - 150%.

Click on Start > Control Panel > Display

Check the DPI Settings. If set to Larger - 150%, this is the problem that Discover customers are seeing when using

Data Entry - Setup - Table
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Other items to investigate are the graphic cards settings, for example, some computer shipped/imaged have the external graphics card disabled and only enable the on-board graphics card, check that the dedicated graphics (such as Nvidia) card is activated.

Secondly it might be worth checking that Windows Aero isn't disabled for the display under

Control Panel>Control Personalization, if a custom theme is applied, try with standard Windows Aero 7/8.



UPDATED: September 14, 2017

Discover clients can sometimes witness a bad user experience working with Discover Data Entry tools as well as other Discover Tools if the computers Settings - Display is set to Larger 150%.


 Click on Start > Control Panel > Display Check the DPI box to Medium 125% or Smaller -100%

Click Apply, and Windows will prompt to reboot.

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Once the machine has restarted. Open up MapInfo/Discover

Navigate to Data Entry - Setup Table - Select Data Entry Table

The "exclusive" and "map style" check boxes should be available.

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Please Note:

It is recommend unless absolutely essential that customers only go up to 120% DPI otherwise most tools will experience some issue with alignment.

Discover 2013.03 and 2014 use .Net Winforms which are not designed for scaling, our newer tools will be coded with WPF which has been designed for scaling.