Portrait Explorer : Portrait Analytics Web Server (PAWS) service won't start due to missing MSVCR100.dll

Product Feature: Administration

Operating System: Windows Server 2008/2012


After installing Portrait Explorer V4.0A, the Portrait Analytics Web Server (PAWS) service won't start, with no obvious errors in the log file.
This prevents any data being added to Portrait Explorer.


The PAWS tool requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package (MSVCR100.dll) to run, but this is not included in the installation.
Often on a new clean server, this package has not been installed by any other software, so the required dll is missing.

To test this is the case, open a command prompt window (cmd) and run any of the PAWS command line executables which are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\PAWS\server\qssnapshot\win64\bin folder. 

For example the qsdescribelicense command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\PAWS\server\qssnapshot\win64\bin\qsdescribelicense" -input "C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\PAWS\config\license.xml"

If this does not run correctly and gives an error about the missing MSVCR100.dll file then the 
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package needs to be manually installed.


UPDATED: March 22, 2017
Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package from:


Then restart the PAWS service via the Administrative Tools.