Resolve error "Import Data - Warning recorded Header : Feature Attribute : '' and '' not supported" while importing Feature Attributes in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm
Product Feature: Asset Register


The User is getting the below error while importing the feature attributes using the 'Import Data' utility in Confirm application. 'Feature ID' field is not importing.

This is the import file.

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This is the error.
'Import Data - Warning recorded Header : Feature Attribute : '' and '' not supported'

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The issue is with the formatting of the import file. The headers are not correct and there are extra comma(s) in the file.

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The additional commas are probably in the file because, although it is a csv file, it was created in Excel not a text editor.  Excel adds comma so each line has the same number as the line with the most commas.


UPDATED: March 17, 2020
There are two headers in the import file.

Header 1 is for the Feature data.
1,Feature,Record ID,Site Code,Central Asset ID,Plot Number,Feature ID,Feature Location,Centroid Easting,Centroid Northing,Survey date

Header 2 is for the Feature Attribute data.
1,Feature Attribute,Parent ID,Attribute Type Code,Option,Value,Date,Text

Open the file in Notepad or a similar text editor and remove the extra commas (,) from the end of the second header.
Save the import file with ".csv" extension and upload it again.

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