Resolve error GEN0046A in EngageOne Generate

Product Feature: DOC1GEN


Doc1Gen execution aborts with following warnings/errors:

GEN0224W Unknown data in Publication 1 Record  <record name>
GEN0051W Publication 1 contains badly formed data and will not appear in the ouput.
GEN0046A Aborting run due to bad input data


This could be caused by data format not in accordance with input data, difference could be:

  • Delineation of fields
  • Uninitialized data variables
  • Incorrect data type of certain field


UPDATED: October 31, 2017
  • Check Delineation of data. Got to data format of publication and select define from Designer. Observe the delineation specified as below :

User-added image

Then, proceed to match 'delineation' in sample data properties with data input.

  • In case above is not an issue, match data format with input data in terms of number of fields and type of each field. This can be done in case of smaller sample file.
  • For bigger input file, enable trace and log information in HIP file and diagnose the failing column or data from the logs. To know more about enabling extended logging during EngageOne Generate (Doc1gen), follow Extended logs in EngageOne Generate