Resolve issue with the Optional Date field getting populated with default values in DOC1 Designer

Product Feature: Work Center

Operating System: Windows 7


User is facing an issue with optional defined date field in designer. 

Issue is tested on DOC1 build i.e 6.0.1835(M6) and EO.
Below is summary of the two issues:

Issue 1: Optional defined date field is not working as expected in Designer. They defined a date field as optional and with no default value in doc1 designer. However when they use the field in designer, the field comes set with default value. Same issue is also occurring when they use the template in EO server.

Issue2: Not only this it gives below message in EO interactive for optional field.
“The document is incomplete, please fill-in all required data inputs. Please locate white push pins for incomplete data inputs.”



The Interactive Data Editor creates an empty element in the XML Sample Data file:
<datetime xsi:nil="true"/>
Date fields with no value is defaulted to Current Date.

If the datetime element is removed from the XML Sample Data file, then a value of <Not Set> will be displayed in the Enagage One correspondent.

WARNING: Passing <Not Set> to generate will cause it to abort.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
Logic must be added to Designer to handle the <Not Set> data:

Condition ( if Data.idataritu.datetime Is Set )
True Result:
Paragraph (datetime is set to )
Field Parameter (Data.idataritu.datetime)

False Result:
Paragraph (datetime NOT SET)

Problem with this logic is that once datetime is <Not Set>, it is no longer prompted for as nothing is referencing the datetime data field in the executed logic path (False Result).
So it requires additional decision logic to access the datetime field when prompting is required.

Working as designed.

EOS-788 for reference.