'render.do' file getting downloaded while rendering zip file format in EngageOne Vault


Zip files are ingested in EngageOne Vault using the collections method. While rendering those files via the Perl client, prompted to save them as a zip file that is named "<File Name>.zip". However, while rendering through Java ServiceWeb2 Vault client, it is prompted to download file with "render.do" name.


Some rendering output (i.e. collection mode), while downloading as a file, the ServiceWeb2 doesn't create a file name for it (account + date + file + ...), so the browser will use the servlet name (render.do) as the default file name. This is a known defect in releases prior to EngageOne Vault 7.0M2p0021


UPDATED: January 28, 2020
Upgrade to EngageOne Vault 7.0M2p0021 and later releases.