How to resolve Fixed Penalty Notices not getting generated

Product Feature: Street Works

Operating System: Windows 7

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated


If you have access to the Fixed Penalty Notices module within Street Works, you may run into an issue where running the module produces no results.Even when most of the notices have the message "This notice is liable to cause an Offence - 'An offence under s.55(5)" in their Transfer warnings section. 


When the Offence is created, it will have a record in History to reference. If there are no records in the History tab, this indicates that no Offences have been created.


UPDATED: November 19, 2017
The presence of an offence warning such as "The notice is liable to cause an Offence - 'An offence under s.55(5).", does not mean that the Offence has been created.  An automatic Offence will be created only if following conditions are met: 
  • The Fixed Penalty Notices Module must be enabled in the Confirm Licence which the EToN Web Service is using. 
  • The Fixed Penalty Notices Lookups must be in place within Confirm. 
Candidate Offences are only created for Works where the Highway Authority Organisation of the Notice has the Initiation Flag ticked in the Organisation Lookup. Candidate Offences are not created for the following
  • Self Promoted Works. 
  • Permit Works. 
  • Notices marked as Ignored. 
  • Events, Diversions or Notifiable Works.