Vault 6.1 - Error export document to Txt format


As per customer:

We´re having problems when we try to export a document from vault to txt format. One of the registers of the table appear moved from its position. This is only happening in the txt mode, in the pdf export the position of the table and the registry is correct. 

As additional information, we search the vault document through the service client, and a custom client developed in java that use the API provided in Vault. The result for both tests throws the same error in the txt format. 


Environment Information: 
SO: Windows server 2008 
Vault Version: 6.1 


The results on a .txt file.

It looks like "$100.00+" on the affected line has a set text orientation control sequence before it.

The coordinate space conversion computation is rounding the number so that when it is converted back it is slightly higher than the other text.

In the text grid conversion the "$100.00+" is higher than the other text and is spatially sorted before the text to its left.

 we tested it in 6.1m0p134 (customer's version), and also 6.1m0p143 (the latest version) and the problem persisted.

Interestingly, if you render TXT without the resource set present, the problem doesn't happen. But if the resource set IS present, then the problem occurs.


UPDATED: September 25, 2017
I've uploaded a patch to the FTP server.

This patch addresses two related issues in AFP to text conversion that can result in text being severely mispositioned.

First, when a set text orientation control sequence occurs before transparent text without absolute positioning, the calculations to convert coordinate systems could cause a rounding error that results in the text shifting position slightly. The patch reduces the rounding effect and bypasses the conversion if the orientation chagne is redundant.

(In this case the "$100+" was just after a STO that made it a little higher on the page that it should have been.)

Second, the text conversion did not do a good job combining chunks of text that are one slightly different baselines. The higher text would appear first in the spatial sort even if there was text mapped to the same text line to the left of the higher text.

(Since the "$100+" was considered higher, it was sorting before the rest of the text on the line. If would appear first and then the rest of the text.)

Updated new patch:


Customer confirmed the issue got resolved after update the new .exe for vault services.