'CaughtServerLoopingException' message in EngageOne Vault


The following error is observed on searching for an account that has more than 9000 results in EngageOne Vault client:
Error Message: CaughtServerLoopingException 
Request URI: /ServiceWeb2/Interface 
Exception: com.g1.e2.vault.ServerLoopingException: Seems Server is looping when getting all documents for 
[db=pbi, acct=19508480860, search-window-size =9000]; please check Server to find out Document size for
this ACCT, change search-window-size and try again 
Exception type class com.g1.e2.vault.ServerLoopingException


This issue is identified as a defect in the EngageOne Vault version prior to 6.1m1p148.


UPDATED: January 28, 2020
Upgrade to EngageOne Vault  6.1m1p148 and later releases. There is a parameter of 'maxHits4Document' in web.xml which is used to control the DATE string number in the drop-down list control.
Settings that can control search/looping behaviour are:  (in the web.xml)
- <context-param>
  <description>Maximum number of search results to display.</description>
- <context-param>
  <description>Maximum number of document retrieving</description>