Doc1Gen: Infinite execution and Segmentation fault error on Windows and Linux respectiviely while executing Doc1Gen with trace enabled

Product Feature: Doc1Gen



Doc1Gen fails to produce output
  • Windows, Doc1Gen executes infinitely with big input files
  • Linux same set of resources results to segmentation fault.
Smaller input files were able to successfully produce output 



HIP was produced with Trace option enabled and 'memlimit' setting as ‘0’ . This indicates it means no limit on memory consumption. So if option is not disabled or changed using Overridden Production Setting (OPS),  Doc1Gen can result into memory errors.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017
This can be resolved by configuring 'memlimit' to a non-zero value or disable trace. To disable the trace add below lines to OPS file.
 It is advised that 'Trace' information in HIP file should not enabled unless there is a valid reason since it impacts performance.

If that does not resolve the issue, try rebuilding the publication if possible.