Resolve Mobile connection issues in Confirm

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated


You might experience connection issues on Confirm Mobile, for example when trying to transfer Adhoc Sites and Features you get an “HTTP Error 500 – Internal Server Error”, but all other transfers work correctly. An example of the error message you might encounter could be the following:

Transferring data... 
Transferring GPS Locations... 
No GPS Location data available to transfer. 
Downloading Action Officers... 
Downloading Lookups... 
Downloading Adhoc Sites and Features... 
HTTP Error 500 - Internal Server Error 
Elapsed time: 179.9619694 seconds. 
*** Transfer of Data FAILED *** 


The problem is caused by the APN (Access Point Name) settings on the device. The internet service provider should have information on the various APN settings that are valid to use for the device in question.


UPDATED: November 20, 2017
Try changing the APN settings, for example from <PROVIDER NAME>.iph to <PROVIDER NAME>.internet. APN formats can vary slightly from provider to provider, so it’s a good idea to check with your provider what settings are available.