Resolve "Exception while reading [file name].jar" in JBOSS start up for EngageOne


Setup for EO verison 3.1.1. on windows server 2012 was created.

On starting JBOSS we got Error as below :
Exception while reading b199a58e_sqljdbc.jar

Unable to see LOGIN screen of engageoneadmin due to error in JBOSS logs.


The issue is basically due to a lack of permissions on relevant files.


UPDATED: November 3, 2017
Make sure when you have installed EngageOne and JBOSS, that you were administrator on machine having complete writes on disk where JBOSS is present.
Also make sure JAVA_HOME and JBOSS_HOME are correctly set and pointed.

When we checked JBOSS folders, though on c:\JBOSS\server full permission was shown but in sub folder like data,tmp,lib full control was not present.

After the User was given full control the error was not there.