Vault error 15817 explained


File won't load into Vault, e2loaderd log has errors


20:24:15 ERROR 15817: unknown journal entry type [| 0x7C] was detected in journal line [|]


UPDATED: September 25, 2017
This error can happen for a few different reasons:
sometimes that can be because you need
for flat file journal
or documents=XMLJournal
for Xml journal
if you have the wrong setting in profiles.ini you can get that error
it could also be that its a flat file journal but the journal doesn't follow the spec in the customizing guide

If you have documents-journal and you've verified that it is a flat file journa and you're still getting this error, check to see if the flat file journal is Unicode ASCII versus regular ASCII.

If it's Unicode ASCII then you need to use 

documents=ujournal in the profiles.ini.

See page 40 of the Vault customizing guide for a discussion off all the possible journal types.