Resolve the error Notice Type Cannot Be Left Blank while creating an Inspection

Product Feature: Street Works

Operating System: Not stated


When saving an inspection the error "Notice Type cannot be left blank" appears even though on the inspection screen the Notice Type clearly has a value. Once this message appears the users is unable to move the inspection on


The reason why this issue is coming even after the Notice Type is selected in the current Inspection is because when you save an Inspection, it checks for all the Inspections that has been created for the Works ref. 


UPDATED: November 20, 2017
When creating multiple inspections, be sure that the appropriate notice type has been selected. Once the appropriate Notice Type is selected for that Inspection and saved, the error message will not come again. 
The prior inspections my be blank due to migrating. So in all the Works ref's, which has Inspection with Notice Type not populated, will throw an error "Notice Type cannot be left Blank" while creating new Inspections. We need to manually select the Notice type for those Inspections and resolve this error.