"Printer not activated, error code -30" when using the Confirm PDF Printer

Products affected: Confirm, Confirm PDF Printer


When trying to print/save something in Confirm you might get the following error message:

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“Printer not activated, error code -30”.
Depending on your printer settings you might see different ‘underlying’ error messages. In some instances the Confirm PDF printer might still malfunction after being set to the ‘correct’ printer port of Nul, you will then see the following underlying error message:

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You might also encounter another error message altogether:

Error message 3 general PDF printing error

This error signifies a more complex problem with the previous installations of the MapInfo Professional and Confirm PDF printers.


One cause of the error is that the MapInfo Professional PDF printer and the Confirm PDF printer are installed on the same system. These two printers will share some drivers and other properties, this leads to a problem where the printer can’t identify which application initiated the printing task and the error message is thrown.

Other causes are that the printer is assigned to the wrong printer port (as can be seen in the error following the 'Print: Confirm PDF Printer on LPT1' screenshot), the Confirm PDF printer has been known to malfunction if the printer port is set to LPT1, or anything other than the Nul port.

Other issues have been known to show the same error messages and be caused by problems with the printer drivers for the PDF printers


UPDATED: March 3, 2020
The Confirm PDF printer error may be solved by changing the printer port of the Confirm PDF printer to the Nul local port. If the printer is set to use for example the LPT1 port it has been known to malfunction.  To change the port right click on the Confirm PDF printer in Devices and Printers and select Printer Properties.

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Tick the nul: port.

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Click the Apply button to switch to the new port.

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In other cases the problems have been resolved by choosing to repair or reinstall the printer using the installation tools, when reinstalling the “Run as administrator” option should be used.

If you need to have both MapInfo Professional and the Confirm client installed on the same machine you will need to first install MapInfo Professional and then install the Confirm client, in that order. This would also lead to it most likely being advisable to also reinstall the Confirm client should you require upgrading MapInfo Professional.

If an uninstallation and reinstallation of the Confirm client using the “Run as administrator” option does not solve the printing problem and you see the error messages “An error has been found with the PDF Printer”, you should try completely purging the PDF printers from the system. Firstly by using the Windows uninstall function under the Control Panel’s Programs and Features, and then you will need to follow the attached guide to completely remove all remaining traces of the PDF printers. Please note however that this guide was written for Windows XP, so there will be some differences when it comes to file locations if you are using a more recent operating system. The guide will however give you an idea roughly where and what files to look for and delete. Remember that it is always advisable to save backup copies of any files you delete.