Resolve "GEN0383W" invalid numeric data warnings and "GEN0575A" when DOC1 Generate aborts

Product Feature: DOC1GEN
Operating System: Windows 7


Invalid characters in data, GEN0383W invalid numeric data warnings, Generate aborts on GEN0575A

User is receiving invalid characters showing up in test data. Not sure where they are coming from or how to get rid of them.

The Data Format also shows "boxes" at the end of each record line, and the Sample Data File properties have "LF Terminated" as the "Delineation" setting.
User-added image


The "invalid" character that is causing the error message is the carriage return.

The sample data properties have the wrong setting for the delineation: "LF Terminated". If the data file has Windows/DOS format line-endings they contain both a line-feed and a carriage-return.


UPDATED: November 3, 2017
To see and fix that setting:
1. Open your data format.
2. Select the menu item "Define->Sample Data File Properties".
3. Change the delineation to "CR/LF Terminated".

That will make the little "boxes" go away and prevent the errors for those fields.

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