Resolve "Image metric not found" error in images added to publishable active content in DOC1 Generate and EngageOne Generate

Product Feature: Business Logic/Active Content


An image has been added to a piece of independently publishable active content, and this is causing Doc1 Generate to fail with "image metric not found" error.


When Publishing for Generate, if any new font or image is added to a piece of independently publishable active content, then the publication that is using this active content also needs to be republished.


UPDATED: November 2, 2017
This is covered in the Designer Users Guide:

Publishing Active Content
Active Content can be published independently and then used dynamically to update one or more publications that are already in production.

This may be useful where you have several publication designs that reference the same Active Content object and where frequent updates to the content are required.

However, you should exercise care when using this option as changes made to Active Content may have a significant impact on production jobs.

Note that when publishing for Generate, the use of extra fonts or images will require the publication resources to be regenerated.

This includes the use of additional point sizes of fonts already used and new keyed image maps.