Vault installer doesn't prompt for install location

Vault version 7, Windows 2008 R2


I try to install vault version 7 on two different machine

OHNALAPD0135  (Doc1 archive test server )  
OHLEWAPP1367 (Doc1 archive Production server)

I do have admin right on both machine but  Installation process is  behaving differently on both machines.

Installation work good on OHLEWAPP1367 . System allow me install and pick the folder location where in need to be install.  
Installation not look good on OHNALAPD0135. On this system is not allowing me to pick the Install folder and when I proceed without that  installation process give me message  installation completed but actual it  fail . Vault will start showing up in program list  but  not work  as system do not know where to install.      

Any idea why installation process is behaving badly on  OHNALAPD0135 ?

Following tow screen views show installation process in third step.  

OHNALAPD0135 server is allowing me to install but now allowing me to pick the installation locution. This is not  good .

OHLEWAPP1367 server is allowing me to install and pick the installation locution. This is good


Vault had already been installed on the PC having the problem.  So instead of prompting for an install location, Vault tried to upgrade the existing install.

however the existing install had already been manually deleted (this is a test box).  But Vault thought it was still there and would not upgrade or install.

Customer tried using add/remove programs, made sure Vault was not in the list, but the problem persisted.


UPDATED: September 25, 2017
The installer looks at:
If the previous install was removed, you can delete this key and the install should let you choose a destination.