Resolving MapInfo Pro receiving error "Unable to connect to licensing server" while activating MapInfo concurrent license

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


MapInfo Pro User is getting error "Unable to connect to licensing server" while starting MapInfo Pro which is using a concurrent license.(Error Screenshot attached)



The machine on which the License Server Utility (LSU) had a change to the ip address. When the user is trying to start MapInfo Pro, the program can no longer connect to the LSU to retrieve a license file.


UPDATED: December 4, 2019
1. In registry go to Hkey_Local_Machine>Software>MapInfo>MapInfo>Professional>"version number folder" and edit the License server machine name and LicenseServerPort.  An IP address can be used for the License Server machine name.

2. Open MapInfo which will open a window in where the same details can be entered as was entered in the registry (i.e. License server name and LicenseServerPort.).

3. That should allow MapInfo Pro to connect to the machine where the LSU resides and obtain a license file.