Resolve Licensing MapInfo Professional v12.5 or 15.0/15.2 32-bit and 64-bit versions on on the same machine.

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™




UPDATED: December 4, 2019
Both the 32-bit and 64-bit release of 12.5 and 15.x can reside on the same machine and only one license needs to be activated for both versions.

- Install the 32-bit version First entering the correct serial number and access code.
- Install the 64-bit version Second entering the same serial number and access code.
- Start the 32-bit version and activate the license when prompted.
- The 64-bit version should start without the activation dialog being generated.

This does not apply if a customer is licensed for 15.2 Advance/Raster.
See document titled: Resolve installing MapInfo Professional 15.0 32 bit when only an Advanced 15.2 64 bit serial number is provided

If the 32-bit install is on another machine the license would need to be returned before activating.